Outsource what you can

Outsource what you can
Last week on one of the Facebook groups I belong to a member asked us to:
Share your best business advice in four words or less!
There were comments about taking time for yourself, having a plan B, being authentic etc. My advice was outsource what you can.
I was thinking more about this this morning. We outsource our social media content, our marketing, our product manufacture, our brand and website development. However, we hold on to the administration tasks and I wondered if it is because comparatively admin tasks seem trivial and easy, so business owners do not see the value in outsourcing them.
In my past life as an Executive Assistant I have been guilty of not delegating because I believed that by time you tell someone how to do something, it is quicker to do it yourself. This of course is not always the case. If I had delegated better, I could have had more time to do the really interesting tasks I had to turn down.
Just think, if you outsourced the data entry involved with your client list, the set up of your accounting system, or the hunt for a venue to hold your workshop or retreat, how much extra time you could have to concentrate on the really important task of growing your business.
We are all in business to be successful and to do something we are passionate about. Next time you are doing data entry, are on the internet or the phone hunting out a venue or some other admin task, think about how much time it has taken and whether there was a better business growing task you could have been doing.
Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

Posted: Sun 05 May 2019