About Us

I began LK Secretarial Solutions in October 2018, mainly because I wanted to be able to work on interesting tasks for interesting people instead of the same job day in and day out. 

Prior to branching out to work for myself, I spent 27 years working my way through the administration ranks, mainly in Government Departments, to be an Executive Assistant to the Senior Leadership.

I have been fortunate enough to have been offered wonderful opportunities to work on projects that a lot of other EA/PA’s would not, including:

  • 13th Commonwealth Health Ministers’ Meeting
  • Gisborne Cervical Screening Enquiry
  • Land Use and Carbon Analysis System
  • Environmental Protection Agency Interim Board
  • The Treasury Schools Challenge
  • Ministry of Education Technology Roadshow.

All of these opportunities mean I have a large skill base which I put to use for my clients.  When you engage me, you are getting the full service solution to your admin problem.