Transcription Solutions

Digital transcription is turning the spoken word to the written word, whether that is one voice or more.  Digital transcription software and apps can be expensive, time consuming to train and may not offer the most accurate result.

We offer a highly confidential transcription service with a fast turnaround. All files are all stored securely on the cloud.

We are proficient in transcribing different types of audio including (but not limited to);

  • video, podcasts etc
  • HR and disciplinary meetings
  • board/committee meetings
  • conversations
  • medical notes
  • interviews
  • dictation of ebooks, university assignments and dissertations, business reports, letters

We transcribe from all the common digital transcription formats: DSS, WAV, MP3 and WMA and use the latest transcription software.

Once we have received your sound file, we will transcribe it into a Word document or your template. The completed transcript will be emailed to you or uploaded to your web server or Dropbox etc as your needs dictate.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable transcribe from tapes/cassettes.

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