Messy Desk? What Might It Say About You?

Messy Desk? What Might It Say About You?

Messy Desk? What Might It Say About You?

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Everyone’s desk is different with some being cluttered and messy whereas others will be bare and clean. This is understandable though given that everyone has a different personality, but what might your desk say about you?

The appearance of a desk is formed by how a person works, so for example a more disorganised work space could be a sign of a creative mind or job, whereas those who need to focus may choose a more streamlined desk.

This is not set in stone however, and it often purely depends on how someone likes their desk to look. 57% of American workers would admit that they judge their co-workers purely on how clean or dirty they keep their work space, with almost half saying that they are actually appalled by how messy a desk can be.

When spending hours upon hours with each other every day, it’s important to make sure that your desk makes the right impression every time.

A Cluttered Desk

The worker who has a cluttered desk often has reams of paperwork stacked alongside catalogues and mail. It could also be intensely colourful and full of treasured knick-knacks or personal effects that help to brighten the space up, but also contribute to the cluttered aura.

These kinds of workers tend to be more open and welcoming to other colleagues. They are more comfortable letting their personality shine through, though it can often mean that they are busy and have less time to clean up.

A Minimal Desk

On the complete opposite spectrum is the minimalist. This is the person who has an incredibly bare looking desk, with only the bare necessities on show.

Workers who have clean and tidy spaces can be extroverted or introverted, but they are likely to be disciplined, hard-working and people who thrive on structure and planning.

A Technological Desk

Those working in IT may be expected to have more than one monitor on their work space. But there are many who enjoy filling their desktop with the latest technology including laptops, tablets, smartphones, wires and much more.

These workers are likely to be outgoing and friendly along with being curious and eager to experiment with new things. They can also have ideas that may be entirely out of the box, which can be beneficial for businesses.

The Personalised Desk

This desk is, like the name suggests, personalised so that the workers life is clearly shown. From photographs of family and loved ones to a favourite mug to magazines or travel mementos, these desks often become a second home, looking cosy and much loved.

These people are likely to be very open and extroverted, which perhaps is understandable given how happy they are to present their life to be viewed by anyone who sees it. A personalised work space can also increase their happiness and job satisfaction as they can make their desk into a place that they are both comfortable and happy.


If you have a cluttered or personalised desk but really want to have a minimal desk or room to be a technological desk, we can help you with a solution to enable you to be more organised and tame that desk.  Get in touch today if you would like to start the new year with a new desk personality.


Posted: Tue 05 Nov 2019