BNI 1 minute - CRM

BNI 1 minute - CRM

Your customer database is an important asset of your company and has real tangible worth.  Like other assets in your company such as your vehicles or equipment it needs to be maintained and serviced periodically to make sure it is in the best order possible. 

One of the first things any marketing person will tell you is that you have to have, maintain and protect your client list.  You do not necessarily need to invest in a CRM programme right off the bat, even an excel spreadsheet to capture all your customers details would be a good start.

Last week I spent three hours with a client putting all her email contacts into a spreadsheet.  This was in her words “a bullsh*t admin task” that she did not want to have to deal with but she recognised the importance in this piece of work.  When I was finished, she had a client database that she could happily use to send information to everyone she had has contact with.

So who do you know who wants to get ready to send out a ‘thank you for your business, hope to work you in 2020’ message to all their clients, or just want to make sure this asset in the best possible shape, give me a call.


Posted: Wed 23 Oct 2019